COVID-19 Response

At this time there are NO Church Sanctioned, in person gatherings scheduled or planned. I will be consulting with a leadership team of our committee chairs and elected leaders before we authorize any in person gatherings sanctioned or sponsored by the Church. Such gatherings will not occur until the state increases the allowed groups sizes beyond the current limit of 10 persons.

We have been asked by the state to remind you of the current guidelines. There should be no groups larger than 10 persons at this time. Those groups should only meet outdoors. Those groups should maintain the minimum distance of 6 feet between people and, even when doing that, everyone should be wearing a face mask. The face mask must cover both the nose and the mouth to have any effect and should be left on at all times when you are in the group setting.

We will continue to provide online and other appropriate resources as long as necessary.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Relaxing our vigilance too soon could well cause a resurgence of this disease. We are looking at hopeful numbers right now and we do not want to undo the good we have done.

May God bless all of you!
Rev. Greg Smith

Check here for any changes to this information.