Membership Committee

The membership committee helps create a welcoming environment serving the congregation’s well-being through the promotion of church activities while maintaining sensitivity to changes in needs of the church and individuals.

We are “… serving the congregation’s well-being through the promotion of church activities…”

Ongoing critical elements of our success, and for the health and growth of our church family, includes having members, guests, and the community be involved in our efforts, as we promote, the church’s many activities. For this we are very blessed and grateful and have many active and successful events and experiences. But, we, the committee don’t “do” these things we ALL “do” these things together and see our best successes when everyone is involved

The committee does often discuss the “contagious” nature of being welcoming and outwardly friendly and open, and we all practice this. Also though, as example, the committee provides “welcome kits” but also need the ushers and greeters to be engaged with this process, and hopefully anyone in the congregation who sees a guest can offer a kit, a welcoming greeting and an invitation to Tween Times Cafe or Coffee Time—and we do our best to promote these opportunities.

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