Adult Study Fall 2019

Coming this Fall!

Sunday School class, beginning on September 15th, will focus on Prayer.

Part one: “Speaking of Prayer”

We most often express our thoughts, feelings and meaning through words. In this first part we will explore the “words of prayer.” We will examine traditional word structures for prayer, including the “collect,” the “Eucharistic prayer,” and the “Lord’s prayer.” Participants will be encouraged to share their favorite “traditional” prayers and to work on writing their own prayers. We will discuss the components of these written prayers.

Part two: “Thinking of Prayer”

In this part we will delve deeply into our theology of prayer. What do we think prayer is? What do we hope that prayer will do? How do our prayers relate to how we experience and understand God?

Part three: “Practicing Prayer”

In this part we will explore the rich possibilities of prayers beyond words. What spiritual practices can we embrace that are “prayer” in action? How can we pray without speaking or even thinking? How can we learn to embrace solitude and silence as prayer? What forms of meditation are meaningful in our spiritual lives?

Join Rev. Smith on Sunday mornings following the 9:30 am worship service as we explore “Prayer.”


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